So, you're interested in arts int and SEAL!
Stop adding more on top of what you already do!
These 4 SEAL strategies will easily integrate into your day.
Click the video so I can show you just how easy it is!
SEAL - Social-Emotional Artistic Learning

Grab the Embedded SEAL Strategies mini-training for just $27 and 

see how simple it is to implement SEAL into your class time so that your students are more calm, focused and ready to learn!

What Embedded SEAL Strategies will I learn?

Visual art strategy that will allow you to see immediately how your students are doing with a new concept, a lesson or situation.

Music strategy that will help to calm and focus your students so they are ready to work and learn.

Drama strategy that will help your students to recognize and show their emotions at any given point in your class time.

Dance and movement strategy that will allow your students to quickly get their bodies and brains ready to learn.

PLUS you get a PDF guide to take notes on how you plan to use these AND a set of resources to dive deeper into the strategies so that implementation is a breeze!.

Imagine a handful of activities that . . .

Don't take up precious time in your day.

Become part of your classroom's culture.

Are arts-based and engaging.

Calm and focus your students on their learning.

Build a sense of community in your classroom.

Work proactively in dealing with student behaviors.

These activities are perfect for you if:

  • You care about your students, but sometimes get frustrated with their behaviors.
  • You are strapped for time, but know you need to address your students' SEL needs.
  • You know the arts can be a great way to reach students, but you just need some quick, effective ideas to get you started.

Your students will be ready to focus and learn when their basic
social-emotional needs are met.
That's why I created these Embedded SEAL Strategies!

They work their way into your class time and engage your students as only the arts can, helping them to be calm, focused and ready to learn.

In recent years, I've seen student behaviors increase and SEL become more and more needed in our schools.  With 21 years of teaching as an arts integration specialist, I knew what would work best - the ARTS! 

With these simple, embedded SEAL strategies, I've been able to proactively help my students to be more calm, focused and ready to learn.

I've shared them with dozens of SEAL Teachers and now I want to share them with you!

Are you ready to take action with these simple
Embedded SEAL Strategies?

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